Whatever your telecommunication needs, landlines, mobile phones, private, office or business use, UKPHONETRADER allows you to buy, sell and swap all your goods for FREE!
Once registered you'll be able to place unlimited FREE Photo-Classifieds of all your phone related items and customise your listing to suit your needs, including phone, email, whatsapp, facebook, your personal webpage, google-maps and most of your social media links! You'll also get a free online mailbox and may update or modify your phone advert, (including up to 10 photos), anytime you like, 24-hours a day. Whether buying an iPhone, selling a ship-2-shore radio, or seeking a replacement battery, UKPhoneTrader offers so much more!
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UKPhoneTrader offers you the most in-your-face way to promote your products and services across the UK .. and all at extremely low-cost!

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Low-Cost, High-Impact Ads ... That You Control
You may change, update, modify or replace your business advertisements 24/7 ... 24hrs a day, 365-days a year!

Advertise Your Business With Us from Just £7.49

(Business-Card Size Display .. for the first month only)
Marketing Options:

.. See an Example   EyeSpace Maxi: .......... ( 250 x 150 pixels )
Strategically situated at the head of every page, this business-card size ad guarantees maximum visibility by capturing the attention of every visitor!
With prices so low, it's a no-brainer for every small business owner!!
Format: image file JPG or GIF
: 250 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall
Price per Month £19.00 *

.. See an Example   El Poster: .......... ( 405 x 565 pixels )
This half-page ad is perfectly sized for accommodating the artwork you've used on portrait orientated posters, A4 or A6 flyers. Impossible to miss, it's the ideal advertisement for any business, no matter what your budget.
Format: image file JPG or GIF
: 405 pixels wide x 565 pixels tall
Price per Month£39.00 *

.. See an Example   Monster Billboard: .......... ( 820 x 500 pixels )
Designed for maximum impact, this monster-sized graphic appears at the foot of every page and fills the entire screen!! .. For unsurpassed visibility and national coverage, you can't get better than this low-cost monster!!
Format: image file JPG or GIF
: 820 pixels wide x 500 pixels tall
Price per Month£65.00 *

  Link Exchange: .......... ( 468 x 60 pixels )
Link exchanges are totally free, and conducted on a mutual basis.
• Price per Month: FREE!! .. 0.00 €

* Prices quoted above are for prepaid contacts of 3 months or longer.
* One-off advertising (1-2 months) carries a small £10 surcharge.
* Agency discounts and further reduced yearly rates on request.
* All special promotions are subject to availabliity.
* Advertising space is limited to ensure you get the maximum coverage!
* For press-releases, editorials or other forms of promotions, just ask us.
* Competition sponsors and new marketing concepts always welcome.
* For assistance or any other trade inquiries, please contact us.

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Commercial Ads can be paid for by:
Cheque : Bank Transfer : Standing-order : Paypal : Nochex

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How to Publish & Manage your Adverts:
Our advertising system is fully automated and very simple to use.
All commercial ads are large custom graphics in jpg or gif format, (still or animated), with the option to hotlink it directly to your website's URL and redirect new clients straight to your site! .. If you require assistance designing effective advertising graphics, our team are only too happy to help!

1. Use the form above to request a space. Once it's decided which of our marketing options best suits your needs, we'll open your commercial account and you'll be allocated a login PIN so you may access your panel and update your advert-settings or change your ad-graphics 24/7/365.

2. Simply login to your commercial panel and upload your advertisement, modify any URL's, links or contact data as you require, and re-publish.
Your advertisement will appear on every single page of our classifieds boards, personal ad pages, and across many other premium locations.

3. The space is always yours. You may change or update it as often and as many times as you like! .. No limits and No costs involved!

and that's it !!!!!! ....... It's really that easy to place and manage your commercial ads!

We reserves the right to amend or refuse advertising, graphics and or URL destinations which we feel are unsuitable for our classifieds network.
Advertisements appear according to carefully calculated formulas using an intelligent display system. Impressions are UNLIMITED for all adverts.

Commercial Ad Examples:

Example of the EyeSpace Maxi:
( 250 x 150 px )

Example of El Poster:
( 405 x 565 px )

Example of the Monster Billboard:
( 820 x 500 px )

Example of a mutual Link Exchange: ... Free!
( 468 x 60 px )